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Talking about ATOM


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Free and Open

We are not Sceptic, You Idiot, It has beaten the whole purpose
I am not against a corporate nor the employees but the philosophy as well as the dangerous elements and thier hidden strategy. When there is a war ( I am already in captivity of such a war for a decade and half now) you will not be even there to understand or react.

Loving the profit oriented corporates is very dangerous to the free and open world. True carbon copy cats stealing every other idea from open and free product.

An ecosystem should exist not one single whale in a pond.

You do not get the message but they will eventually get it.

They should understand. Hope they understand.




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Formula 1 On Indian Soil


Countdown has begun  8 days to go …………… Finally, happening on Indian soil.

At this moment Race is on and I couldn’t get to see it hence started blogging.

For more details check Formula1 official site http://www.formula1.com  and click on live timing

Delhi Track

Designed by renowned circuit architect Hermann Tilke,

Length: Stretches to 5.137-kilometres.

Capacity: Seat up to 150,000 spectators.

Tracks two lengthy straights and interesting mix of corners will guarantee a track full of challenges for the drivers and engineers.

Our Force India F1 Team

Owned by Dr Vijaya Mallya now co-owned by Sahara India Pariwar


VJM 04


Adrian Sutil @ this moment 10 position on Korian Track Now @position 8

Paul DI Resta @ this moment @9th Position on 20th and 21st lap oh no – Resta pit by Barrichello

On Korian Track – Vettel @ position 1 and Hamilton @ 2

and Our team site http://www.forceindiaf1.com/

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I’M Back

Hey I am Back!

I stopped blogging after I won the gadget from Microsoft for my blog on myspaces. I recently checked in and I do not see that exist any more for whatever reason but I missed the blog.

There are many developmental changes in & around me, my life and life style being out of touch with everything for some time.

I started a book and laid the framework but delayed and thoughts have changed slowly but I will do the time travel and will complete the book. I think I am in a better mindset to complete what I have started.

I can’t stop thinking and my thoughts just flows as usual.

Keep in touch….Will be in touch

Thanks WordPress! Pleasure Blogging Here

Dev Signs Off

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